Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury team up to teach at MyGardenSchool

This just in.

I interrupt my previously-scheduled blogpost to share the superlative news that Piet Oudolf and Dr. Noel Kingsbury are teaming up to present a new online global course with MyGardenSchool.

©Wilco van Dijen. Piet

I’m excited to share this revelation immediately with my readers, so you can get in on the ground floor of this amazing opportunity. The course, Planting the Piet Oudolf Way will cover his signature approach to New Perennial planting design through a series of video tutorials, assignments, and interaction with Piet and Noel along the way. The first course starts on October 14th and costs £250 for four weeks.

Given that my recent posts have revolved around Piet’s skills as a teacher, his generosity of spirit and immense plant knowledge – I’m thrilled to hear about this course. I can equally endorse Noel Kingsbury and MyGardenSchool: after all, it was the experience of Noel’s online course that indirectly set me on my path to the Netherlands, meeting Piet, writing this blog etcetera.

Here’s all the contact info… let me know how you make out.

Something else in the Wind

Stay tuned for further New Perennialist adventures.

In less than two weeks, I travel to Chicago to meet up with Piet Oudolf, Roy Diblik, and Adam Woodruff for my first-ever visit to the seminal Lurie Garden at Millenial Park.

Aralia cordata

Piet kindly invited me this past winter to see the garden and catch up in person with himself and Roy – during his annual review of the garden. That’s not an invitation I’m likely to refuse;-)

Piet conducts the review every year to maintain the evolution of the garden, meeting with the Lurie’s gardening staff, volunteers, and its sponsors, over a series of days. There will also be an evening lecture with Piet and Roy, as well as the long-awaited world premiere of  the Tom Piper documentary Piet Oudolf: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall as well as a number of other related events.

Roy has offered to show me around town to see the sights and visit some of his signature gardens. I’m also pretty sure there’ll be some incredible nights out on the town – talking plants and the finer points of design over great food with a phenomenal bunch of people.

So prepare yourselves for a major deluge of new revelations in the not so distant future.

4 thoughts on “Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury team up to teach at MyGardenSchool

  1. Hello Tony
    How exciting that your garden adventures have developed in so many directions, since I first met you approx. 4 years ago when we all fell in love with northern Dutch gardens with Noel and Piet. I have just come back from Europe last week where I visited Hermannshof Gardens meeting Cassian Schmidt and listening to the philosophy and garden practice he works with there. I was also lucky to visit Peter Jancke’s amazing garden near Dusseldorf and experience his distinctive use of grasses and textural planting. As well as the imaginative and unique design of his garden.
    I shall follow the development of your new garden with interest and will post some pix of my southern hemisphere mini-prairie which is now 3 years old!!!
    I love getting news from ‘The New Perennialist’ and hope to be setting up my own blog soon. Wishing you all the best in your busy garden life.
    Robyn Kilty

    • Always a pleasure to hear from New Zealand. Sounds like a great trip – I met Cassian and his wife Bettina last summer at the PPA Symposium in Baltimore and got an intensive about his extraordinary approach to planting.

  2. as long as you’re going to be in Chicago … we’re only 1 hour and 30 minutes northwest. Heritage Flower Farm. We grow +1000 heirloom perennials, many to museums and botanic gardens.

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